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We are always focused on training on the 'The Cutting Edge. Our Community Engagement Initiative is an investment into reaching out to educate , train and recruit individuals and organizations who have desire to work to help prevent behaviors that predispose them to the many issues that cause the disruption & fragmentation of the family. Whether through employment or marriage or legal systems our team is committed to both proactive measures  to build and restore our communities. Call in and get the facts and directions on how to be effective in your community today and tomorrow while make a sustainable and perpetual  income! Join us each Thursday as we engage both you and the community you live.

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For the Family

Our classes address life skills as the answer to proactive measures to prevent anger and domestic violence within the home. 

What Clients Say

We have many hand written testimonials from many years that date back to 2004. Clients have shared their learned progressions from the experiences they had in the classes with results at home.


Cutting Edge Innovation

We know it works and we have seen the changes that people have been able to make as a result of attending our cutting edge and innovative training classes.
High Profile Clients:
We provide classes for celebrities and business professionals with the most discrete services and programs possible.


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