We train people how to teach and train others to learn how to make healthy changes.  Our real feelings are masked by emotions predisposing us to misunderstood and uncontrollable anger. Our classes are based on models using evidence- based cognitive behavioral training methods and materials. In addition our elete cutting edge certification programs empowers individuals to operate their own Anger Management & LifeSkills practice. 

Employee Development

Organizations profit from well-trained and fully engaged employees. Whether it’s an organization’s formal training program or one-on-one guidance from the Ceo, Management, Mid-Madmanage, or employee development helps employees takes steps toward their career goals aligned with the organization’s objectives.


As organizations face more sophisticated competitors, adapt to industry progress, and meet the ambitions of a younger workforce, ongoing employee development becomes increasingly necessary in order to retain top talent and to retention

Innovative LifeSkills Training Center is the training  and parent company of The Lifeskills Training Centers.  We train and certify "Anger Management Counselors and Class Facilitators". Our Founding  Flagship Company  " The Greater Dallas LifeSkills" is a 15 year old Anger Management and lifeSkills Training Center.  It clients range from business owners to corporate america , the NFL,  American Dental Society, Borden's Ice Cream  and Moms and Dads. Our counselors are certified to provide anger management, lifeSkills, domestic violence, BIPP and parenting classes, along with court and probation ordered classes.

Our classes are located in cities and states across the country and abroad. Our training is both certified and accredited nationally. We offer  opportunities to not only certification but a lifelong opportunity to establish  a practice as a recognized behavioral health counselor.This is your season and place.



                     Cognitive Development Individuals

Cognitive Behavioral  Training skills can aid with the decline in adults from a variety of age-related causes, including hormonal imbalances, developmental disorders, diabetes, anxiety, obesity and depression, and yes relationships, Marriages, Family , and Divorce issues that fragment family structures. according to research published bymany sources cognitive skills can become demished due to cognitive and emotional trumas that life so readily brings..